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Global Insights on Forensic Technology: View from India

March 16, 2018
In this video Dhruv highlights four key elements behind the digital revolution which is taking place in the region, including the vast growth of mobile internet usage, the new government stance on data privacy laws and the impact of accessible and affordable technology on rural and urban businesses across the country.

Trends in Higher Education: 2018 Outlook

March 12, 2018
The value of higher education once seemed unquestionable, and the pipeline of resources to support academic programs, research and student financial aid appeared unwavering. That was then.
Business & Industry Insights

Appetite for Change is Growing in Europe

March 12, 2018
European companies have often lagged the U.S. in their appetite for transformational change: a combination of labor laws, powerful unions and stagnant growth across the region have frequently held back management teams from making the tough choices needed.