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Reshaping K—12 educational performance

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Aligning finances, operations and technology to support your mission of educating students and staying competitive.

As a public education leader, you are challenged to improve student outcomes in the face of rising costs, budget cuts and declining revenue. School districts often respond to financial issues with a combination of across-the-board cuts, program eliminations and labor force reductions. We’ll empower you to define new operating models and align resources with achievement goals.

Identifying sustainable financial and operational solutions.
Working directly with senior leadership across school districts, we develop and implement comprehensive financial and operational plans that align spending with school district priorities, minimize the impact of budget shortfalls on academic programs and identify operational efficiencies.

Designing innovative and equitable student funding models.
We create student funding models that increase equity, make budgets more transparent and encourage better use of resources to drive student achievement.

Designing innovative schools.
We assist school districts and charter management organizations with improving student outcomes. Working with investors and management teams, we optimize operating models from course design and student enrollment through tutor deployment, efficient billing and back-office processes.

Creating effective technology strategies.
We support education technology strategy and implementation efforts, public and private grant program management, and efforts to measure performance and outcomes.

Helping digital natives learn in an analog world.
We help governments, publishers and technology platforms navigate through the digital classroom. We drive national digital curriculum schemes, helping content owners and publishers move towards digital, and launching and valuing ed-tech platforms.

Guiding state and district “high-risk” grantees to effectively manage federal funding.
We address material weaknesses from single audits, ensure compliance with all federal grants and maximize all federal grant revenue.